Has anyone heard of the brand name Attila? Because SUPPOSEDLY my guitar is an Attila, SUPPOSEDLY it was made by a company in British Columbia(canada) and that company went out of business, so i would like to know if my guitar is rare or not. because, well, it would be nice to know.

Guitar description: The head has a double A logo that sort of looks like this

its sunburst

and ya... ^^ it's that.

So if you know anything about this guitar brand, please tell me cuz i have no clue.
I've tried looking it up, but i have found nothing about it, i've looked everywhere... so, i've come to UG to see if anyone knows. I got this guitar when i was 6. It was already used. so its ****ing old. (I'm 17 now). And yes, i am a lefty. We paid $600 for it, and thats about all i know. So, please help!?
The logo looks like American Archtops but I can't tell anything really from the picture.
I'm Canadian and that name kinda rings a bell.

But I don't know anything about the company though. Just heard of the name before.
Attila is the vocalist of Mayhem.

That's all I know.
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I read a book about Attila once..... he led a bunch of people to kill a bunch of people or something like that, I read it when I was 7.

Maybe he made your guitar?
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