Hey everyone

The swampnobs are a classic blues band that cover things such as hendrix and santana live, while making our own stuff for live use and use on albums. We specialize in live acts where everything is completely improvised, which is entertaining to watch if nothing else. Was founded with two members, but the line-up has been improved upon and now sits at this . . .

The line - up = Rod (the acid axeman) lead guitar, played with santana in the 70's, came out of retirement because the uniqueness of what we were doing excited him. Capable of anything briefly guitar related.

Lloyd = Second lead guitar, jammed with ry cooder back in the day, joined the band at a blues festival in skegness because it seemed like the thing to do at the time. Able to keep up with the best of them and very entertaining to watch

Kelly - The mad drummer, also in the band cosmic slop. Unpredictable and highly dangerous but loveable and cool at the same time. . . don't approach unless necessary though

Mark - The bassist, nuf said

Galen - The singer of the band and also the founder, loves the blues, lives the blues, and will probably die with the blues.

Me - the rythm guitarist, quite possibly the only blues rythm guitarist in history to use a jackson randy rhodes special (and who can't actually spell rythm.) The youngest member of the group and the one with the biggest dreams of success. Come on lads!
thanks for that....you didn't put up any myspace, links to you playing songs (or anything else for that matter) but thanks for the autobiography
lol, i forgot the myspace page address, i'll edit later. im at college and the site is blocked u c. it'll be up, dunt u wori bout it!