Right, this is driving me mad. I get my guitar exactly in tune, put the capo on (shubb), but now when I play a note its not in tune.

eg. if I play an A on the bottom E string its ok, but if I play the same note, with the capo on fret 2, it makes the note go sharp.

When I take the capo off again the guitar is still perfectly in tune.

Ive tried ajusting the tension of the capo, and placed it right behind the fret etc but still the same.

Can anyone help?
i have the same problem. put the capo on then tune relative to where you capo is. your intonation may also be off.
are you playing a shitty guitar. like a squier or something. that might be why. or mabey u have one of those self tensioned capos and your tightening the shit outta it. give up. suicide is the only way.
that used to happen to me then i realized when i was putting the capo on it moved the string sideways a bit
Ok, thanks ill try and tune it once ive put the capo on.

The intonation is fine, I checked that. I have a Gibson SG special.
Be carefull not to put the capo on too tight, that is often a cause of the notes going sharp
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like said, you need to tune wt the capo on for some guitars. this is because a higher or jumbo fret can get "mashed" by the tight capo. pressing too hard on a higher fretted guitar makes the note sharp.

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