Now maybe he's not the greatest player technically, but man Prince has flare and style. Just listen to the guitar work in this performance, and you have to watch up to the end, where the lights go black and he plays totally solo (around 11.15 I think)...listen to the vib. I have actually never heard anyone else play like this, and I wish I had. What effect pedals is he using here also?

P.S. I posted this on another thread, but I think this deserves its own.
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Prince is a fantastic guitar player, but i didn't like the tone he had in that video. Could just have been Youtube's fault though.
Maybe the tone isn't quite as crisp as it could have been, but you have to admire his musical genius. He can really make you feel something from a single note...
...Whoever said Prince wasn't a great guitar player? I don't even have to watch it. Believe me. I know.
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