so ive written a bunch of songs, but only as a rhythm guitarist so its just chords and a few little licks so far..

how do i figure out what scale would go best with the chord progs i have?

is there possibly a site where i can go plug in what i have and itll tell me what im wanting?

and i know an array of scales may go with each prog, but theres gotta be a way to figure that out, right?
I ripped this from google and it does a good job of explaining it:

To apply chords to music, first find out the key of the song. Then by harmonizing the corresponding scale, or simply using the number system, one can find all of the chords which work for a given key.

An example would be if a song is in the key of A major, it scale would be:

A B C# D E F# G#
Any chord which contains notes derived from this scale will work in this key. So, A major 9 (A C# E G# B) works since all it's notes are derived from the A major scale. Db major (Db F Ab) won't work within the key. But try it anyhow, it may work in the song even though it doesn't fit the key. Don't be afraid to place chords in a song which aren't derived from it's key(s). In other words, don't limit yourself to the key of a song/progression. Keys are to be thought of as guidelines.

Since this goes from key to scale to chord, you would just work it backwards if you already have the chords--find the scale which makes up the notes in the chords you are playing.