hey, i trying to figure out what amp to get, i live in an apartment, and i my band practices in my friend's basement, i'm just woundering what watt amp should i get. I thinking of getting a Marshall JCM 2000 but a lot of ppl told me that it's WAY too loud and that marshalls don't get a good sound at low volume...is it too loud for a basement???
can always run it thru a attenuator for practicing...
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They get a VERY good sound a lower volumes. They just get a better sound at higher volumes. Do it, It'll sound great at any volume.
These go to eleven...
If you can play loudish in a basment then get it. If you love the amp that is. But I'd probably get an amp that you can get power amp OD with at basment volumes if I were you. Depends if you're lookin at the DSL401 or head.
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