i have only just learn how to do tapping on a guitar and would'nt mind any suggestion on songs or just riffs with easy tapping in them.
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the start of the solo in One, by Metallica is pretty fast but it isn't hard and repeats a lot so it is pretty easy. i would say if you can pull off pretty fast and can get your fingers in sync to pull off after you tap you should be ok.
is thunderstruck really tapping??? i just do a bunch of hammer ons and pull offs (without picking - maybe that is called some sort of tapping, i don't know). i think on the donington DVD he plays it with out tapping but i can't tell for sure because you see him from the back.
Don't Forget Me- RHCP.

Easy tapping.
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The Tapping In Atreyu's-Lip Gloss And Black

easy 2 handed tapping riff
Dokken - tooth and nail

I think Thunderstruck is a delay effect mixed with hammer-on.
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Hot for teacher intro - Van Halen. It's sounds a lot fiddlier than it is.
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