So heres my question: My voice is lower than everyone in my class and my friends who look older. but i dont think it really has finished changed from a kid voice to adult. I just turned 15. My dads voice is a lot like eddie vedders. Any ideas when Im going to have a full adult voice?
I'm 15, I've got a pretty deep voice. Some people mistake me for a grown-up on the phone. I don't remember when my voice changed...I've had it for a while now.

I can't sing

I'm a baritone, by the way
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Whenever I answer the phone people think it's my dad.

But I still don't thjink it's finished changing because it can sound very high at times, and it does crack sometimes. I'm 15 btw.
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What's probably going to happen is that, as you learn to master your voice, it will actually gain some of its high range back (though it sounds like you're bound for the vocal bass-ment in general). That's what happened to me. As for when you'll have an adult voice, the change usually happens pretty quick. I was a mezzo-soprano in the Cincinnati Children's Choir; I came back one year from summer break (I was 13) and discovered I was a baritone.
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ok im 18 and i have a pussy voice. so be happy you actually sound like a guy! lol
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I sound like a man and I'm not even in high school.

My voice started changing in 4th grade. It's pretty much dones, but I stil have the gap between talking low and squeeling. If I attempt to talk high air comes out, nothing else.
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Whenever I answer the phone people think it's my dad.

Same here, it's so annoying....
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If I attempt to talk high air comes out, nothing else.

That happens to me all the time. My voice is deep and I'm 18. Now I can't sing worth-a-shit.
Yeah . My voice is like "Borat, borat".
My voice is very bassy (since it started to pube) and i speak at least one octave lower than my class mates.Preety much annoying becuase its very very loud even when talking quiet and i cant sing.
so you're 15 and you're still asking questions about puberty? sad...

no one completely develops their voice until their mid-20s. you dont completely stop growing until you're like 25 anyway. even then, your voice generally tends to change throughout your life.
I'm 13, my voice broke when I was 12, and it's about as deep as the average bloke's, but it's still probably gotta develop alot more. My dad and my uncle both had very growly husky kind of voices but easily softened voices as well, so I'll probably be the same. You'll probably sound like your dad too.
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when I was 14 I used to be a good singer, that year my voice broke and now at 16 I suck at singin (I say just settling down)
im 13 and my voice is wicked deep

im good at growling though
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im 13 and my voice is wicked deep

im good at growling though

My voice isn't much different from my classmates 13 years btw
same with me i have a much deeper voice than the majority of the people i know but it hasnt actually broken yet