Selling my once much loved Mexican built Classic series Telecaster. I'm just not a fan anymore and fancy selling it although I am open to trading (interested in anything that doesn't scream heavy metal). I recently installed a Lace Sensor Red which has somewhere down the line gotten a bit loose and producing some noise. Easy soldering fix. I have the original pickup as well which is included. Straplocks have been fitted too. There is a pickguard but it fell in paint and is marked despite my efforts to clean but then again, why would you want to cover up that grain with a cheap bit of plastic? There is also the padded gig bag which is included*.

Bad points, there is a slight chip on the fretboard which is about the size of a biro pen tip. And a couple of chips on the underside towards the back. Nothing too serious really. Then the usual scratch or two on the body itself, nothing unusual on a used instrument.
There is a knob missing on the photo, I do have the knob but simply can't reach it right now as it has fallen behind my desk.

I have more pics which I'll upload and link to later on.

I know what sort of price I'm looking for to be honest but I am simply looking for the best offers at the moment. I'm in no hurry to sell.
I am a verified Paypal member.

*I have as well a Warwick built flight case which, while not included in sale, can be bought with or at discount in place of the gig bag.