They def use rotosounds- i think they use 10s or 11s bt im not sure check it up( i think its on there website)
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Ernie Ball EMO slinkies i dont know why the **** does it matter strings are strings get the ones that feel good and last long.
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they use 10-52's (Skinny top, heavy bottom, I believe Rotosound call them, I use that guage, but I use Ernie Ball.
But alas, they replace the .52 with a .56, because it snaps back better, 'cause they use dropped-C.
so, if you were to buy them, buy 10-52, then buy a .56 and put it on instead of the .52
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There in dropped C arent they? so wouldnt they use somthing along the lines of .12's?
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wat string size do bullet for my valentine use?

Why? You won't sound like them.
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in the loball_fan88 defense,,,,whats that to you? he doesnt want your opinion how he'll sound just what string guage bullet use.
I know you just wanted to know what strings they use because you should realize a few things. One, the strings are going to change your tone so minimally you won't be able to tell or it'll just be in your head. Secondly, the guy above me said they're 10s or 11s which are very heavy for an electric if you're not used to them so be prepared for bends suddenly becoming much harder. Lastly, because there so heavy, you'll get a little longer sustain and possibly less fret buzz at the nut.