Imagine, somebody wants to create his own band. He writes lyrics, sing and defines band style. He've known about you from a friend, heared how you play, and offer you to join his band. What do you demand from him him (a rehearsel room? comfortable time-table? good lyrics? or maybe something inn his human temper?) and what he may demand from you? Yes, thts very many factors, but what is the the MAIN things, what is the MOST IMPORTANT to you?
This question is very important to me. I want to create my own band and i think, that COMFORT is the main thing for a men. I see, here is very many skilful players, who knows, what a really skilful player needs.
What do you demand from him him (a rehearsel room?

Depends what way you bend.
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I feel the most important thing in a band is that everyone has to get along really well with eachother and have loads of fun... Then comes the music!

I'ld look for someone who'ld understand me better and is more comfortable with me. Someone who gets along really well and i can have loads of fun with making good music or just foolin around. A band shouldnt just be about making music. It should be about having a good fun time too...
the first thing i tell somone when i'm looking for bandmates is that they need to get along well. Thats the most important thing. I dont care how fast they can shred the fretboard. All that matters is how well they get along and communicate, have fun and all...
first, they have to have the same level of commitment as me, which is tough to find, then they have to be compadable, then they have to be able to play.
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