Well i serached the Forum.. but no good threads.. so
Fear Factory - i think most of you here know this band.
What do you think about the albums (old - new ?)
Anyone saw them on the last tour ?
I don't think they're nu-metal at all. The only nu-ish song is Edgecrusher, and not even really.

FF are awesome, although some of their early stuff is questionable. Strangely enough, that era is also considered their "most metal" era. I mean, the weird whispery vocals in Martyr are wack.
Thats theirt style..

They'r not nu-metal.. lol... Industrial .. as wikipedia names it Industrial/Death

As for the whispery vocals..
Thats their style... (early days) which is very interesting.. and .. well.. i think its a rare mix - like whisper clean + heavy/Growl...
Haha, beaten to it. Oh well. Yea, its odd, cause in the warning thing it lists them as Nu-metal, but in the rec tread is says "Industrial metal" (which I think is more accurate). Anyways, good band, fun stuff to play.
I'm personally of the opinion that they're industrial metal, but apparently the mods think they're nu-metal. What they say goes, so...

Nobody post.