i've got two questions

does anyone know when heaven and hell are playing in the uk?

and why the hell hasn't ozzfest been brought to europe, or more specifically the uk?
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Quote by Charlatan_001
Isn't Heaven and Hell pretty much just Black Sabbath w/ Dio?

Yup, the Mob Rules and Dehumanizer lineup of Sabbath

Heaven and Hell should be doing the Europian leg of their tour in late spring/early summer, as far as I know.

I would think the reason Ozzfest doesn't come to the UK is because we now have Download, so all the kids can go and get their flavour-of-the-week fix there instead.
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yeah most the bands at Ozzfest usually play download so its pointless having two almost identical music festivals


Heaven and Hell (with Dio, not Ozzy) kick off the tour on March 11 I think. They have 12 shows in total.