I've played alto sax for years, (since 6th grade), and by now treble clef/Eb transposition are ingrained into my head. I'm trying to learn to read sheet music on the bass guitar...it's a real headache.....does anyone have any helpful tips?
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if youre looking to learn notes disregard what dustinp said

check out http://www.teoria.com/exercises/reading.htm

i used that when memorizing bass clef
i also just memorized the spaces and whatnot seperate from trying to play it, then after a few weeks, where id be able to just see the note and go on thats f without thinkin, then i started incorperating an instrument into it

i also made flash cards, one for lines, one for spaces, just random spaces in bass clef, and random lines, like, for lines: d, g, b, f, g, a, d, something random, that makes you not just remember the note in relation to others, and then i made a third card for both lines and spaces
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I use this- On the staff lines (from low to high)
Good Bikes Dont Fall Apart

Between the staff lines (low to high)

All Cows Eat Grass

The first letter of each word responds to the note on the line
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