Well, A few days I ago I decided that just after Valentine's Day I was going to sing a song for my girlfriend, and it just so happens that 2 or 3 days ago I started losing my voice (it's also getting worse each day). Anyway, if anyone has anything that I can try to get my voice to come back faster, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also (unrelated question), my voice seems to cut out at a certain point, and comes back in about an octave higher. Any tips to try and fill in that empty spot (voice exercises or anything, really) would also be appreciated.
Oh well

oh and just so i'm being useful, DONT DO IT

my boyfriend sang me something once and i pissed myself laughing (non literally).... granted it was a boys2men song and probably a joke but still, dont do it. it's sad and cheesy.
i hate it when this happens.
easiest way?
try this.
mix a cup of warm water with lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and some honey, gargle it in your throat/mouth until it`s gone.
do this once every hour and in the morning it will prbly be better.
hope thie works!
happy vday.
Hey there Kiddo. Listen, I had the same exact problem a few weeks ago, and my voice is fully back and I'm playing gigs again (woo hoo!). I am a choir director and if my girls are sick before a concert, or just can't sing anyways, I make them drink tea. Its that Lipton instant tea, the powdery kind. Drink that hot every day. It should help. Other than that, don't talk as much. Just rest your voice. Tea, and coughdrops should work.

Let me know how that goes!
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Well, I'm 15, and I've already hit puberty, so it's not that.

EDIT: Thanks for the help everyone!