well i put all my lyrics up on a site cause it makes things easier. to read mine just go here---> http://www.freewebs.com/internetsongs/ryanslyrics.htm

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if I'm supposed to post 1 at a time then just lemme know. by the way I know the ones at the bottom suck so no need to say that lol

here's one for now since pplz might not go there

The Threshold of Pain

Sitting in your room
with the lights out
thinking about what your life should be like
remembering what it's really like
wondering if you still know how to love
or if you even knew how to love at all

Is there no way to get away
from these pains we suffer everyday
someone [please] help me today


Giving up on things I shouldn't
does it even matter?
No one listens anyways
My ladder has broken
I haven't been forsaken
But just forgotten
[God can't save me now]


It seems no one can get me out of this hole
Can this really be my soul?
I already know I am no fool
Oh, God is there anyone?
Please try to help me
There was once one
but now I have my lost my will for anyone
[And now I fall]


Someone help me
Save me from this threshold of death and pain
Some please help right now
Please don't let this be the death of me
Only one can save me now

God can't save me
Only one can save me [now]
Only she can take me now

Doesn't seem right

(Tell me) have you ever seen a harvest cresent moon?
It's all that's left of me because of you
One day I will be full
and eclipse over you!

Tumbling, falling, down the cliff of life
(oh) when will I stop
It hurt so much
I used to wish I could just hit the bottom
but that's not the point of life

I bite my tounge at night
maybe during my dreams
or maybe because of life
since nothing seems right
why leave my sights


the empty note it plays itself
it haunts through us all
sometimes if it stays too long
it causes us to fall
the empty note note it's been in me
for quite a while
Will someone stop me? No, not at all

(the) subliminal sound
it controls our lives
(the) subliminal sound
it controls our minds
but there's nothing to fear
even though there is no one here
we won't have to fly
that's one big lie



For some reason I don't like it bright
Cloudy days or during (the) night is when I find peace
Doesn't even seem right that it makes me feel at ease
It's confusing don't know which way to go

but I know I don't like the flow
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