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I'm currently low on funds and im thinkin on learnin to play bass so me and my friends can create a band! As a temporary measure is it possible to retune the top 4 strings of your guitar into a bass?

uhhhhh i guess it could be possible, but it would be hard and annoying to play.
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Get some really high gauge strings and you should be able to tune it low enough, but it will sound horrible because guitar pickups can't really handle frequencies that low.
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going through all that hassle isn't worth it, just get a dirt cheap bass and a cheap bass amp and thats it
Your strings would be extremely loose and probably just laying on the fretboard. You'd need really high gauge strings (bass strings?) and that'd probably bend your neck pretty badly. Either use an octave pedal, or get a bass .
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i guess that will work for now but, your not gonna learn any real bass techniques on that, get used to a real bass if you want to be in a halfway decent band
oh dude....why even go through all of that....you got a singer and a drummer right ? Cause if you have that then you really don't NEED a bass player....you NEED a drummer but not a bass player to jam anyway. Also you can always get a bass player at a later date. Worry about writing awesome riffs and songs and the bass thing will handle itself.
I tried doing that once to prove a friend wrong. IT snapped two of my strings, and sounded like crap. I'm doing the same as you, which is learning bass to make a band, and the hardest part IS getting a bass. I play guitar, so I know the notes, and I can easily read bass clef from playing piano. My suggestion is go to a Wal Mart, and see if they have a First Act bass for like, $129.00 I think.
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