I got all the member (bass, drum, vocals and guitarist) but I'm thinking to get another guitarist in the band, I'm not sure if it is necessary.
we play jimi hendrix, some placebo, artcic monkeys, ...
do you think it is necessary (I think its not spelled right but you know what I mean)
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dont worry about the other guitarist unless you want to have harmony lines in your songs
first of all, write your own music. second, I don't really know the arctic monkeys and whatever (or course I know who Hendrix is), but if you're talking straightforward old school dirty rock and roll you only need one guitar.
if u really wanna take ur music to the next level then go with two guitars. I mean what have you got to lose?
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if i where u i would get a second guitarest
its realy easer to write and dounds better when u have 2 guitarest
but make sure u and the other guitar have good chemistry and work well together
a second guitarist would help if you write heavy music but if you don't then only one is needed

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it depends on what you plan to doo with a second guitarist.. two guitarists playing exactly the same thing.. thats not just redundant.. its stupid..

do you mean you're going to have three guitarists now?
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do you mean you're going to have three guitarists now?

Oh.. i get it.. well.. it would be a lot better.. then you could actually have a rythm guitar under the lead.. though you could get along without one.. i mean.. Cream is good.. And Clapton's solos sound awesome with only the bass and drums.. Right now you're basically a power trio plus a vocalist.. back to your question.. well.. its really up to you man.. personally id go for it..
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Arctic monkeys are 2 guitarist aint a right?

yeah but i'd say you could do it with 1 guitar and bass.
I've seen an Arctic Monkeys cover band with only one guitarist and they did a pretty good job of replicating them