Ok, pretty random question but it's bugging me. What's the name for that 60s style art where the artist employs the use of lots of primary colours and blends them etc. Similar to tie dye.
Here's an example of what I'm talking about:


Disraeli Gears is the closest thing I can think of that would come under what I'm talking about. I guess I myself would call it psychedelic art. Also similar is in the Queens of the Stonage video for "Go With the Flow" where the sperm start to fly around then you get images like a collidascope (sp?).
I'm not aware of it having a name other than psychedelic art, though I'm quite ignorant.

There's a canny list of art movements: here
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Pop Art, I think.... I don't know, I;m just going by what my art teacher taught me many moons ago...

Your teacher isn't very good. Pop Art is when an artist depicts popular culture by poking fun of it, or making light of it. Sometimes even exploiting it.

The type the threadstarter is refering to is more of a modern art.
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