I'm looking to sell a guitar and I want to be honest about it because, I wouldn't want some dipshit messing with me on a deal.I'm trying to figure out a decent price range for this guitar so, I'm looking for some feedback on the closest price for what I'm selling. The guitar is a Schecter Diamond Series 006 Elite Electric, I bought it for 700, and I bought it when I was really into metal and trying to learn my triplets and all that. I grew out of that and really have no use for this guitar anymore and during that I've let a few different friends borrow it. Between me and my friends, it has gotten a few knicks here and I want to point these out because it reduces the guitar. Nothing is wrong with the wiring or anything, the only thing wrong with it is maintanence. Right now, I don't have a pic but when I do I will have several pictures focusing on the knicks. None of them are that bad at all, all of them are no bigger than your pinky nail but, being that it is a black/silver smoke guitar, they do show up. There are 8 knicks total. Three show right up on the face of the guitar, they are on the left side. One is on the left corner of the headstock, one on the back, one on the left outer side, one by the input, and one by the curve. This came out a little long so, anyone who read this and wants to give me their opinion, I appreciate it.
i wouldnt sell it for more than 200 just because its a shecter i can say dont expect too much more than that
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