Okay, I have a Agile AL-3000 w/ Swineshead pickups and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I'm looking for a little something to beef up my tone. I've heard only good things about the Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive. Is it worth the money($150)? What about the Keeley mod, which is another $60 on top of it. If I went all the way through and bought this, would I be looking at a pretty damn good pedal?

Advice appreciated.
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Uhhh, Voodoo Labs make the Sparkle Drive, buddy.
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I think he knows that, he was asking if the mod was worth it, and yea it is worth it Ive heard nothing but good reviews about it.
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The oedal will sound top notch on its own, maybe use the extra $60 for summat usefull lol. No honestly its an awesome pedal without the mod, so use the extra doh for a tuner, or some new strings, or ..... anything! Believe me you can find morre usefull gadgets than a pedal mod, it will be alot better in the long term believe me.

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The Keeley mod make the sound a little smoother, a little fuller, less harsh. Which is saying a lot since that's a nice pedal to start. I'd get the stock pedal and check it out. Then if you want to mod it you can send it to Keeley.
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