ok ive got a little bit of a problem.
valentines day is coming up and i want to do something special for my girlfriend.
its too late to try and write her a song, but i didnt want to do something kind of routine, like flowers and a box of chocolates. ive been thinking about it for weeks and i just cant figure it out.

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thats true, i hate kids who go "oh noess limewire is soo bad, viruses everywhere crashed my computer, had to buy a new one" well mayb thatll teach u that the a song isnt 112 kb and named cute_teen_has_orgasm_on_webcam_xxx
Give her an apron with hearts on it. She'll love you for it!
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lmfao man thats so sick and depraved and yet funny all at once

my hats off to you IbanezSA160, you have embodied the Pit into one little poem
get her a dildo, lend her your videocamera... you get the picture.
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Once at chruch, I was at a group thing so I was laying down on the couch then all of a sudden some girl goes up to me starts rubbing my shoe ferociousely and goes " I want sex"......
Bloody hell, I get fed up of valentines day threads appearing all the time...just reminds me that I'm going to spend another valentines day without anyone to share it with.

Ah well, happy days.
Dude, if you think hard enough you will come up with somethin. It needs to come from the heart, and she'll notice it.
Have you ever went to put on a pair of underwear, but there weren't any, so you started runnin around the house flailin your arms while nude?
Well she's your girlfriend so you know what she likes so why are you asking us? Most of us probly don't even have one!
Do something special and unique that only you and her can have because of your relationship if you know what I mean.
And whoever said to play her favorite song that is a quite good idea too.
lol. my friend said something funny 'bout valentines day:

Our fellow nerd friend was like "its valentine's day soon, lighten up!"

my friend says "you know John, for us valentine's day is like, 'be self conscious day.'"
Go shopping with her and get her something she likes or something, then she wont hate it, 'coz she picked it.

and its "quality time"
That was a rare post..

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I don't know the answer, or have anything funny to say, but dude that is one sweet Bulbasaur avatar
People have wrote great songs in just one sitting. If it takes you weeks and weeks to write a song about her, then you don't really love her. Dump her.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Write a song, great lyrics can be written very quickly and she isn't going to care about your playing technique as long as it isn't noticably terrible.