Soup strainer, Cookie duster, whatever you may call it, the moustache is one of the greatest parts of being a man.

This thread is dedicated to the awesome testament to manhood (Unfortunately, I have a stark inability to grow facial hair. Girls may like that about me, but I don't. )

My favorites:

George Parros

Adam Morrison

The Immortal Rollie Fingers

Kurt Vonnegut

And of course, Burt Reynolds
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I want a moustache. Not a gay man moustache, but a mother****ing power moustache.

But I guess I'll live with my soul patch.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Tom Selleck beats all of those.

"alright, which wise guy cut the line?"
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love to grow a good stash (aka my business partner) but the misses hates it so I have to wait till movember
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be a bad warning

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lol, so i got a boner this one time and i was watching tv, so i decided to hump the little crack between the two cushions of the couch. yeah.

Wish I could grow a stash Then again it would probably end up looking like some shit streak going across my upper lip
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The greatest moustache of all time: Edward James Olmos.

Miami Vice:

Blade Runner:

And the greatest of them all...Battlestar Galactica:
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You motorboatin son of a bitch.

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I love you LilVikingBoy.

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****in Guy Fawkes owns all of them

Try this:

1. grow moustache to a length of about 4'' long on each side
2. Braid or twist from middle in opposite directions
3. take each 'stache end and tie together under your lower lip
4. strut your stuff and watch as the ladies flock to you for a power-stache ride
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just might be testicular cancer, but I bet you'd give your left nut not to have cancer