im thinkin about buying another wah wah because my vox isnt getting the job done...im aiming for that sound that the guitarist from black stone cherry gets...i have no idea because everybody says voxs are the best but i dont hear it...
dude check out the slash signature crybaby wah...amazing

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you should really check morleys bad horseis. what steve vai uses. they are great. i have bad horsei 2 and i love it. They work through laser or something like that. I have tried vox crybabies and others and i still prefer morleys
Chris(Black Stone Cherry) used a Vox Wah on the album, and now he uses a Cry-Baby Zack Wylde model that was given to him by Zack on the BLS tour.
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I've got a Dime Crybaby From Hell and they're pretty good. Def. better than the original Crybabies.

I haven't used a Buddah but I'd definitely take a Vox wah over the original Crybaby, but I'd take my CFH over the Vox.