I have an Epiphone SG special with the same pickups on it that came with it and I was wondering if I should replace them and if any of you guys had any suggestions, i play mostly stuff like System of a down and tool.
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It's an Epiphone SG special...thats it... it was only around $150 so its not the best guitar in the world its my first, should i just wait to get a new guitar and not worry about the pickups?
Probably just wait to get a new guitar... like zackk said, not worth replacing them in that guitar...
Ok thanks guys..by the way any guitars around $500 you could recomend? I thought i might get another SG or something but who knows.
erm...i dunno, can you get an epiphone G-400 for that kind of money?
Id say just save up and buy a nicer guitar
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In that range, for metal, I would suggest a Schecter... ovbiously...
EDIT: Check out the Vengance Standard.
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