Hey guys, I have been told a few times that my guitar has "too much action" which I understand means that the strings are too far off the fretboard. And I do notice that other peoples guitars seem easier to play than mine. Is this something that I can get fixed at a guitar shop?

Also is it even worth it? I have a Yamaha FG-423S DSR. Nothing great, I'm just starting to get seriously into playing now.

yea im pretty sure you can lower your action, no idea how on an acoustic guitar tho, its quite easy on an electric guitar
if you have no idea how to do it, take it to a shop. otherwise, adjust the truss rod and the bridge if you need to
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Take out the bridge piece at the end. (White piece that houses the strings) Then just rub the flat end on a piece of med. grit sand paper. Keep doing it until your satisfied; or until you break the bridge piece.

Good Luck.
I've been told before that I get too much action...

If I were you, I'd take it to a luthier, acoustics can be quite tricky, and if you mess it up you're screwed.
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