Hi i seem to be having trouble palm muting fast i have practiced loads but i seem to be not doing right any tips or techniques i should try to improve it
many thanks

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You have to build up mega chops to be able to down pick like james hetfield, or what ever music you are trying to play. Its a muscle that needs to be exercised, just like if you are doing bench presses.

That, or you can alternate pick palm muting too. Practice to a metronome, starting at 100 bpm for 1 minute. Then do 2 min, then 3 etc. AFter you get to five, bump it up 10 bpm, and do the same thing. Thats what i have done over the past couple of years, and i can down pick most of MOP.
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well, hold the edge of of your palm right past,literally, right past the bridge of your guitar. as stated above then you may either down strum quickly as i prefer or just do casual up and down strumming
Try palm muting thinner strings, they'd probably be easier to practice on. Then work up to thicker strings.... and/or try palm muting 2 or 3-string chords, cuz that's harder than one string and it'll eventually make one string easier. Get a thinner pick that bends... I absolutely cannot alt pick with a thick pick.
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'Having trouble' doesnt decribe the problem much.
If it goes 'Thud' move the karate chop edge of your hand back towards the bridge and if it goes 'Twang' move it further away from the bridge. But remember that its a question of millimeters that will produce a different effect.