this is us at band practicing messing around with the kill which i already knew
the guys tried their best to just do what they remember from hearing it on the radio.


Thanks to anyone who listens or comments on it!
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I think you had a hard time getting the key on the first line, but man. I love this song and you do the song justice. I like how you change the melody a bit throughout the song, makes me more attentive while listening. OH! And super job on singing the higher octave during the chorus. That's gold.
Work on your voice dude. It's kinda repetitive. Other than that it's pretty good.
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The singer doesn't have the edgy kind of voice that's needed in the song sometimes. But damn that was a really good cover.
very good singing.not much to say about the insturments.But the singing really stood out.
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Another good attempt on vocals. Are you trained, or were you just born a tenor?

The guitarist's distortion sounds like a radio...
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

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i dunno about the rest
well last year i got cut at 44 at canadian idol, i have gone to like 10 vocal lessons, but i practice almost everyday 1-2 hours.. sometimes i dont but for most i do. I sing a LOT... I couldnt hit any notes that i hit 1-2 years ago. Singing from the very bottom of the diaphram.

ya the scream is horrible... but screaming is like the hardest thing to do...properly.
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the vocals are great, the first couple lines are shaky, but it gets very good. this is a damn good cover, i liked it and i don't even like the song very much. good job!
how do people do it? scream and not lose their voice 2 seconds later? .... or should i say 30 seconds later? LOL. sorry.... sorry..... --__--'

i liked this cover! at first i was like, "maaaaan, this better be good." then, i saw it, and i was like, "DDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAMN..... their okay." lol.
Well its a difficult song, and its fun to challenge yourself. With practice most things are possible. I increased my vocal range and learned how to pretty much sing/yell. Other songs as hard as this are like breaking the habit, and hate me. Which i plan on doing soon with the guys. Thanks for listening everyone
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Try out for Canadian Idol again now that you've improved... I'd like to see it! And may I suggest if you do try, sing 'Swing Life Away' for them, you did it very well in your Youtube acoustic video.
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nice singing. the screaming was slightly comical, but the singing was great. the instruments were also quite good. i would try, for screaming push A LOT harder and make sure you can feel it in your stomach (the same way you would feel doing leg-lifts or sit ups...you know the lowest part of your stomach). Also, for the screaming try to push the note through the...excess pushing and rasp, but if it starts to hurt stop and try again a while later. or take lessons or something.
also, if i may ask what kind of PA are you using. Im looking to buy one (I sing) but i really dont know where to start.
again, very good cover
Nice work!

Great singing as always; don't even bother with screaming (it wouldn't be worth ****ing up your voice if you did it wrong).

I'm not a big fan of the mix (sometimes the guitar disappears and the bass could be louder) but you can always mess around with that later.

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Well Im not a big fan of the band or song, but that was a pretty good cover.
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