What is the difference between a jazz guitar and a regular electric guitar? Can you make a regular electric sound like a jazz guitar and if so how?
get a jazz amp, jazz guitars are just regualar electrics. there are real jazz guitars though which are made to get that jazz tone you always hear they're usually semi hollow with humbuckers and may have a different type of bridge
erm, well there isnt really a specific jazz guitar, just guitars that sound good when used for jazz. For example, many jazz guitarists like to use wide-necked, hollow bodied guitars with thick low end strings, to get a round, full and warm sound. You cant really say one guitar is more jazz than another tho...
u can def say one guitar is more jazz than another give a jazz guitarist an aleki laiho signature w emgs and .9 gauge and im sure he'll find its perfect lol
wow, I do not agree with the top two guys. Jazz guitars are typically archtop guitars (hollow body) and sometimes semi-hollow. The hollowbody changes the whole entire tone dramatically. It makes it mellow and jazzy, and usually with the help of humbuckers.

look at the Gibson ES355 and other hollowbody guitars, you'll see.
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