In this lesson on this site right here

right were it says

I suggest you make these chords with method 1 of positioning you fingers. Some common ways to play powerchords:

G5 C5 F5 Bb5


im trying to under stand what he means, because i thought a power chord was a root e note followed by 2 other ntoes 2 frest down 1 string below then another string below that.

but that shows up o 6 notes at the same time.... IM NEVER GONNA GET THIS
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A powerchord simply contains the root and fifth of a chord. An A5 chord simply contains A and E. You can have as many as you want.
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See the first shape? stick to that.

All the rest just add more depth but no more character. They are all powerchords i.e. they are all just the root and fifth, but in different octaves. Of course, those shapes are moveable (as there are no open strings) to play on different root notes.
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the question had already been answered.
A powerchord consists of only two tones; the root and the fifth.
However, these tones may occur several times in the chord.

Example: E5 consists of E (root) and B (fifth)
If you examine the following chord, you'll see that it contains only E and B, in other words its an E5 chord.


If you had an instrument that could play 5000 tones simultaneously, you could play 2781 Es and 2219 Bs, and it would still be an E5 chord.

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