Currently i have a dean hardtail with a frontman 15r (which i hate)...ive been saving up for a while and i thought for sure i wanted an amp...i was goin for the jtm45 but then it occured to me that with that amount of money i could buy a cheaper tube amp and a gibson lp, which would be awesome.....so im stuck with the question, les paul with cheap tube amp or dean hardtail with jtm45?
id personally got for tube amp and lp
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Well you know your going to want the best of both worlds eventually. So buy the amp that you love...dont buy something thats just ok. Bc you wont be happy for long. Then once you save up again buy the guitar. That way eventually you are happy with your most important pieces of gear.
Get a Carvin tube amp like MTS3200, they are cheap and supposed to be comparable to Marshalls, or get the V3 its good and also cheap. Then you'll have a good amp and a good guitar.
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i guess my question really is should i get my guitar first or amplifier first?
most people will say get a better amp because that's your tone. but i say get a better guitar because that's what you practice on. would you rather build your skills up more or have better tone?

plus if you're looking at a jtm45, i don't know if the amp is gonna be all that important to you. that amp is so old school that it doesn't distort until you crank it.