Right now I can't get 'The Prayer' by Bloc Party outta my head.

Also 'Jerry was a racecar driver' by primus is one i really like although i find some of their music unsettling (not to say it's not good or anything)
Frozen by madonna
generally if i like the song then thats a pretty good reason to like the band
You're The Best Around - Joe Esposito. Hehe.
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Right now I can't get 'The Prayer' by Bloc Party outta my head.

Same here, that chorus is always in my head
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if i never knew you - jon secada & shanice
whiskey lullaby - brad paisley
dillema - nelly
time after time - cyndi lauper
umm ok i have no idea why i like this song i hate all the others but i like carpal tunnel of love from fall out boy....ugh even im embarassed by that
hurt - Christina Aguilera

shut up.. she's got a good voice...
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im to tired and confused to comprehend what you said.