OK, I started guitar a couple of months back and up until now have been using my dad's squier, and i'm looking to make the first purchase.

I'm looking for a heavy-ish sort of sound (grunge rather than metal) but something that's still pretty versatile. And easy to play, since i've only just started.

Trying to keep costs below £250 but I could go up to £300 if it was *very* special.

Any advice?
Eastwood guitars makes a cheap relplica of mosrite Kurt Cobain played (that shoulbe be grunge enough) its 400 USD, so its around youre price range i think
i think a jackson dinky would be good. those are good guitars and not too expensive. good for that heavy sound
i'll check out the jackson, but i want it to be versatile enough to do more indie riffs as well easy enough.

i had 2 friends recommend les pauls. thoughts?
DK2M should be close to 300 pounds. (if my conversions are correct)
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they are heavy (weightwise). but they are nice, although a decnt 1 might be out of yur price range (not sure of concversions)
What are you using for an amp? That will automatically make a huge difference here.

Personally I'd think you should go after something inexpensive made out of decent woods (like an Indiana or something) and upgrade the pickups. For a proper grunge sound a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge will do it everytime, as long as woods don't SUCK.