im currently working on two original recordings. they are not done yet but let me know what you all think. also, i would love to hear any songs that you all might have.



to record i used a 1/4" to USB cable that i got from target for $40 plugged into a USB 2 input. My Ibanez SZ320 was plugged into the input my Digitech RP300A. My Digitech RP300A was plugged into my computer via the cable i got from target. Metal Demo 3b was recorded with KRISTAL and Demo 1B was recorded with Audacity. For the drum beats on Metal Demo i used a 6/8 march from my Yamaha synthesizer and a country beat from my digitech. let me know what you all think.
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thanks for the crit

i have to say i like both those sound files. The first when when the guitar comes in sound very epic and it only ups the quality when the synth comes in badass i say.

The second record is awesome as well. Very serene and relaxing. awesome leads that go with the rest of the song perfectly keep that stuff up man