shredders out there that use light or medium strings, right now i use medium d'addarios, and ive been tempted to try out light, how are they, will i notice them immensly for soloing?
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lights strings don't last as long, but bending, hammering, pull-offs will be easier to do.
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If you're used to the tension of mediums I wouldn't suggest moving to a light gauge. In my oppinion, the tone of thicker strings is far superior to that of thinner, so why switch if you're used to medium? It may make it a LITTLE easier, but stay with medium.
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Different tone, easier fretting/bending, but the strings would be more flabby and you might/might not like it, i personally dont, they mess with my picking technique and i always got stuck in between.

Why dont you try it for yourself, see how you go from there.
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its all preference...i like the light strings and theyve lasted me for a long time