basically anything on acoustic sounds great on twelve string...my favorites;
nut shell by alice in chains
stairway to heaven- led zep
polly - nirvana
that stuff
closure - opeth
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voodoo child - jimi hendrix (good song by a crap guitarist)
nothing else matters - metalica (closest they'll ever come to true metal)
can't stop - rhcp (john is not god)
fix you - coldplay (the shredding is top)
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Hotel California - Eagles
Alberta - Eric Clapton

Also, look into these two by Leo Kottke:
Jack Fig
Vaseline Machine Gun
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Love of my life by Queen. Really cool song, and if you can finger pick you can play the part in the middle that is really cool. Just look at the tab, it is the part when you alternate between the 2nd fret on the G and high E and then go into the part I'm talking about. I hope that made sense.
if your in to O.A.R marc plays hey girl with a 12 string in the video
I got bats in belfry
I'm in the kitchen boiling society
I'm in the open catching all the leaves
We all sing what we want

please crit
eyes on the wall