Well i woke up today in a funny manner because i probably was still half asleep. For months now iv been thinking of purchasing a new guitar (current ones: Epiphone Les Paul and Standard Strat) Anyway, as i was gettin up, i was thinking, Strats or LP's? Finally i noticed the posters of my heroes on the wall, Jimi Hendrix with the Strat, and Jimmy Page with the Les Paul. That sight compunded me to ask for more opinions.

So what do you guys think? Stratocasters or Les Pauls? and why?
Apples and oranges. Go play both and see what you like. I know you have one of each, but compare the exact models in your price range.
They're different.

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eh this is a vs thread, delete it.

No, it's not.

If you want bang for buck, a Strat is usually the better choice (assuming you mean Gibson and Fender).
like someone above said apples and oranges. go play them
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personally i prefer les pauls- i compared both in a shop when i got my epi, but its all personal preference
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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Well what style of guitar do you play?

Rhythm - Les Paul's
Lead - Stratocaster

I perfure Les Paul's
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Oh jesus! how the dell are you supposed to answer that. 50% will say strats and 50% will will say LP's!!!!
But ok, i persinally prefer strats, theyre lighter, brighter, more natrual and well, hendrix played one! Thats my reasons for loving my strat anyway, if tone is what your after, bet an american strat!!!

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u'll prolly wind up getting the strat cuz lets face it its got awsome sound but LP is stylish and attractive with good sound but a little cumbersome so its sorta a toss up between the two...

screw it get a tele
different tones
different necks

only you can decide.
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