hey there, vocalist(also guitar player) looking to start new rock n roll/punk band in columbus, ohio ! any drummers, bass, guitar please drop a line if you're into iggy, ramones,x, damned, mc5, clash, pistols, germs, cocksparrer,rolling stones, and other agressive rock n roll. have some songs written. would love to hear yours. lets get some dangerous rock n roll up and going. my previous vocal outings and songs can be heard at www.myspace.com/the****inprostitues ......... cheers!
or i can be reached by email at kevinprostitute@yahoo.com
how old are u? is there a house kit where u practice? i can do guitar and drums and if i can borrow a bass from someone i can do that too
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HEY THERE, heard ur vocals tracks pretty good, me and a drummer freind already have a duo band, we generally experimental heavy metal but ur voice can fit, were going to record some track in 2 weeks and were gunna have practice sat, so email me at sephiroth1990@aol.com IM me at sephiroth1990 or message me on my myspace at www.myspace.com/fundamentalyloathsome
just contact me somehow!