Im always reluctant to do full bends incase I break a string. Its a pain in the ass to change them.

Im using 9's. How strong are the strings really? Can they take constant big bends ect...easily? Does it take a fair amount to break these things? I gotta stop wussing out
I play 10s (single coil pups, so they sound really weeny-ish i you don't pour more metal through them), but I do full bends and two step bends all the time. I've never broken a string. The only way I've ever broken a string is tuning my guitar.
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I've broken dozens of high e strings, but it's never happened to me bending, it has always been while strumming too fast.
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Just use a higher gauge of strings.

I personally have 10s on one guitar and 11s on the other. They seem to stand up.
well i used to break strinks before when i started to play but now i use 9's and never break a string,i change them thought like every 4 months..
I use DR Pure Blues Nickle 9's on my Ibanez with an LFR, and 10's on my LTD with a TOM.

I rarely break any strings. I used go through 2 or 3 strings in a 2 week period because my high E kept breaking above the nut and below the tunning pegs. I put some #2 Pencile graphite shavings in the nut slots, and also in the saddle slots... I havn't had the high E break yet . And I do EXTREAM bending on mine, like 3 and 4 simisteps up, or more sometimes .
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