How did you use to learn how to play the guitar? Im having learning on my own and need a little help
Lessons and lots of practice. Everything seems difficult if not impossible at first. Stick with it, it'll happen.
I was self-taught... I bought books, practiced, read articles on internet, practiced, talked with people who played music, practiced, practiced, and... practiced!

or you may take lessons... It's expensive but I heard it's really worth it!

Good Luck!

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I played piano beforehand so I applied what little theory I knew to the guitar. Lately I've been learning as much as I can off the internet, which is a great resource as long as you know how to spot the gold among all of the inaccurate and misleading crap. I bought a metronome and came up with exercises to speed up my alternate picking and legato playing, and at the moment I'm working on my sweeps. I probably learnt the most from jamming with anyone who would play with me - other guitarists, pianists, saxophonists...
well i had played violin for 7 years and i applied theory from that to the guitar. but i took lesson from an amazing guitarist who went to Berklee school of music. Best decision ever, i would advise u to take lessons.

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