whatt are like pull offs and how do you do them
like say tab wise 5 and 6 are tied togather and it says pull off
thanks guys rock on
well its a pull off, so i suppose you pull of from 6 to 5, if its linked 5 to 6, its a hammer on.and slipknots not the best.
Hope this makes sense. If you have your 1st finger on the 5th fret, use your 2nd finger to pluck the same string at the 6th while leaving the 1st finger planted. Hope that makes sense.
alrite. . .it's like when your holding down the string at the 6th fret you would have a finger behind it at the 5th fret too. This wouldn't affect the sound at all until you pulled off the first finger. So you put your fingers like that, then pick the string, then pull off the finger on the 6th fret. Hope that helped.
i think that techincally pull-offs should be called "brush-offs" because i actually twist my finger a little bit to give the string a bit of a pluck.
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idc how i type and i never said slipknot was the best

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ok... a pulloff on 5/6 would be :

You put a finger on the 5th fret and an other finger on the 6th fret (same string)...

You pick the string ONCE while your finger is on the 6th fret, then WITHOUT PICKING, you remove your finger on the 6th to make the 5th fret sound...

That's a pull-off... basically, it's just an hammer-on but the other way (if you know what's an hammer-on..)
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dude u prolly shoudlnt be playing the guitar lol. slipknot sucks ass.

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