i was wondering where can i find laney amps that i can look at online and see the american price.
if it's in pounds sterling (£, just double it for u.s. dollars,
ie: £50 = $100. not totally accurate but very close.
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i don't think laneys have a headquarters or liscensed dealers in the states. i think they're only made in the UK, so our only chance of getting one here is to either get it shipped from the factory, or finding one on eBay or something.
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what do they sound like, i've never heard one?

very british. very open and valvey with a great bite and (depending on the model) excellent tube saturation for heavier tones.
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what do they sound like, i've never heard one?

think sabbath, since tony iommi used laney heads
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how do those marshall handles compare tonewise to, say, mesa handles?

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Opeth uses Laneys, and both their distortion and cleans are nice.
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^Not always. A local shop near me sell Laneys. They're not that expensive there.
There's always eBay.
thanks alot guys.. I just have like thhem ever since i played my sub guitar teachers. the laneys just ahave a distinct tone to thme that i like