I would turn down the guitars a touch. Maybe take out a little mid. range in them too. During the build up possibly put the singing through more of a processor. It sounds like it has an effect on it, but it doesn't come through enough on the mix. (Also, bring down the snare roll a bit.)

Overall though, I was surprised how good the song it was. The build up was well done, and the choruses had a nice, but subtle, catch to it.

Good Luck.
yeah the recording quality was great, sounded professional... good job, and not a bad song
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kind of thin?

Maybe a little. Try adding some reverb to each guitar. But not too much or it will ruin your mix. When you do that, it also makes the guitar a little louder, so compensate for that too.

But with grunge you don't really go for full guitar tone. It sounds too over produced.
The performance is a little sloppy in places, longer rehearsal would affect a lot of areas for the better.

I'd also EQ the drums a little differently as they sound a bit thin.

I'd stick a teency bit more reverb on the vocals as they sound flat in places.

Apart from that it's pretty solid.