Hey, for my music class (its a very basic introductory one), I have to compose a variation on Pachelbel's Canon in D major (from what my teacher's said its fairly well known) on piano. I have to write a melody overtop of the bass figure (the ostinato she calls it), and in total its only going to be 9 bars long. I don't really want you to do my homework for me, but does anyone have any tips for composing like this?
use the same scale as the original and use mostly the same rhythm
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DUDE!!! That is the best homework ever!!!! I LOVE that song.

Have you ever hear Canon Rock, Pachebel's Canon redone by JerryC? Check that juntz out, and maybe even look at the tabs for it. JerryC probably influenced me with that one song more than anyone else.

Whatever you do, Stay in D Major... well, you could do a Dminor thing like JerryC does after his sweep picking part, but I don't advise it.

Just flow with the song, and check out canon rock on youtube to get Ideas.

yeah...I though Eddie Van Halen how to play...

ok, you caught me. I though Eddie and Joe Satriani