learned how to tap lip gloss and black by atreyu last night, should i keep practicing that for tapping practice or are there some good songs that tap alot that i could look up?
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eruption has awesome tapping at the end. by van halen. and the flying high again solo by ozzy is pretty cool 2

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The beginning of the solo for One by Metallica has some tapping. So does the beginning of crazy train. But both are very short. I'd have to agree with the others in saying that Eruption is a great tapping song.
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anything from stanly jordan, fantasie impromptu from chopin, but ron thal of bumblefoots version of it, and if you listen to those guys youll find more good tappers, ike buckethead and whatnot.
the beginning of the solo in crazy train, the ending tapping in eruption, that lip gloss and black isnt bad to practice some simple tapping and string switching tapping. all i got for now.
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