hey pretty good. better than i can do! You are playing it well, few small mistakes but no big deal. u do a pretty good job of getting dime's sound, especially on the intro
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great you have it down. I really like your tone.

You need to play your strings harder; use a little bit more p.m. and and try higher p.h.s
It was pretty good. The tone is good, but you need to palm mute more to give it that crunchy kick in the ass sound. You have a few timing errors as well.

The solo wasnt extremely good, the best parts were that run up the scale and the bends. The rest was sort muffled and stuff.

Good job!
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To be honest I didn't like your tone at all. Seemed too fuzzy and digital.

The rhythm part was done well but the solo was very sloppy. As said, the run was good but the when you were tapping you were letting other strings ring out which sounds horrible. Also, the rest of the solo wasn't very smooth


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Rhythm was pretty good, but palm mute more, and let the last note of the chorus riff ring out.

Solo was good, but a little sloppy. Just practice it more.
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Pretty kick ass playing, your tone sounds really thin and weak!! also nice attemp at the solo, your run were VERY smothe!!Overall good job man!!
I liked the playing except the riff after the solo, where you just did a pick slide. Beginning of the solo was great, but then at the end it looked like you didnt know what to do. Also, I would palm mute the verse. Also, I didnt like your tone. Sounds like it needs less treble or more bass, and hold off on the mids a little more. Overall 7/10
not to be mean or anything but the rhythm parts sucked bad. you missed nearly every palm mute, listen to the actual song and play along to that, itll help a lot to your sound, then turn it down so your guitar overpowers it, thats basicly how i make my backing tracks.