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So yeah i am trying to sing while i play and i just can't do both at the same time. Is this just something that takes practice or is it like you can either do it or you can't? If so, any tips on learning?
you have to basically practice it. it might take time but you really should think about what you are doing while you are doing it.
I have a thing about this in the MT sticky. Read the whole article I wrote and you will be much better off.
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Definitely something anyone can do, just takes practice. A way to start is to write some basic lyrics and strum one chord in a consistent pattern while singing, then add a chord, then add another, then try some different strumming patterns. Another useful tip is there tends to be 2 different types of singer players. the first type like to pay attention to what the play and sing on automatic, they tend to have a basic singing style but are playing pretty difficult or strange stuff (probably someone like jack white or isaac brock). The other like to pay attention to what they sing and ignore what they play, usually they just play basic rhythm and have a very expressive voice but sometimes they play somewhat difficult stuff, but you can tell they still do it on automatic without think about it (like thom yorke). You kind gotta choose one or the other, its hard to multitask otherwise.
hey man, it's all practice. Learn you're chords or guitar parts first, get really comfortable with playing and feel the rythm and everything. Even while you're practicing, try humming the melody in your mind or out loud. Eventually you'll get the hang of it and it'll come naturally. It worked for me, so i hope that helps.

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wow thanks alot guys. Yeah i am trying to sing along while i play stuff like Collide by howie day and Good riddance by greenday. My voice is pretty awful but i still think it would be fun to be able to sing while playing.
Go to the singing thread or the MT sticky, both of which are at the top of this forum.
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