Ok so its that time of the year for my junor class to decide there themes for there senior pictures.All my friends and me are clueless on what to get,Cause1/2 the class is getting the standard "nice" clean-cut photos.Anybody do something different for there Pics?
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haha i dunno know. like if i sh*t or fart i know they smell really bad, but I enjoy the smell. Like I'll fart on my hand and then smell my hand. I dont think thats normal though...
Uh, I just stood in front of a boring blue/grey background. So did everyone else in my class of 07.
class of '07, high five...and yea, my senior pictures were at some random photo place, so everyones are different...but id go with just the normal one
I hate how they make you turn your head at an angle, it just looks so stupid....I'm just gonna be "f**K that!" and look at the camera straight on.
Those photographers make me mad sometimes, they always try to get you to laugh, there say something stupid, and i agree, i hate that head turned on an angle thing too.
I got to choose what to do with mine, I had some of me outside playing guitar but I didn't end up using it.

Here is the one I ended up using (aka the Jesus pic)

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I look nothing like myself in my senior picture. I had to get a haircut and everything. It was combed weird as hell, too.