Alright, I've narrowed it down to these two guitars, but I don't know which I should go with.

My main concern is the quality of the pickups. I love the sound of the EMG 81/85 set, but I don't know if the "designed by EMG" pickups on the RG2 are going to be anything decent.

In comparison, how are the INF 3 and 4 pickups on the 321?
I haven't played the 2EX1, but I own a 321, and I love it. The pickups sound good, of course they would benefit from switching to higher-grade pickups later. The best part is the neck. I don't know if the 2EX1 has a Wizard II, but the 321 does, and I love it. Great playability.
I have a 321MH as well, decent guitar, the pickups are ok i guess. 2nd name pickups like "designed by EMG" or duncan designed are 99% the same as the authentic. they just get them assembled in a different fatory. otherwise they're built to the same specs, think of fenders built in mexico compared to fenders built in america. they're both fenders.. just assembled in different places.

but yea. i can definitely recommend the 321MH. but don't pay more than like.. $300 for it.. since you can get it brand new for about $400. I paid $422 with a years worth of insurance from Long and McQuade.
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If a flat neck is what you think feels best the the RG321 is for you. I personally prefer a deeper neck after playing my 321 for two months but its all about personal taste. The sustain on the 321 is pretty stunning too.

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