Well I don't have much to say about this one. It starts with a piano intro thing and then gets into the heavier parts and then back to a little slower type solo. I guess it would be considered maybe prog/power metal or somewhere in between. Its somewhat long mostly thanks to the solo at the end...i might have gotten a little carried away with it...but we'll see. Anyways tell me what you think.

EDIT: Now there is a MIDI in the folder
Frozen Oblivion.zip
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It sounds good, but I think it jumps around around too much and there's parts where it doesn't seem like the rhythm guitar is working with the lead. The first solo was good, but the second solo sounded kind of funky when it started, but maybe it's just me. I didn't like the ending, though. It dragged on far too long and could have ended better in any number of spots. I think you have some good ideas here, but they're not well organized. The piano was a nice touch, however. 7/10. Crit one of mine? They're in my sig.
overall its very well writen but it seems to drag on and repete its self. when the song goes back to the piano part it either needs to end their not be their. If you didnt end their you probly need to not repeat all the other riffs if that makes sense. So go from the piano part to the outro solo. then make the outro solo not so long because it was very very long.

Over all it was verywell writen and composed 7/10
DarkSonata, you never fail to amaze me. The intro piano gave me chills. And I really liked the solo. The part that really got me was from measure 45 to the next solo. That sounded really Iron Maiden-ish.The 2nd solo was awesome. I didn't care much for 84 - 87, but everything else was great. And the outro solo was excellent also. Overall really good job. 9/10.

Crit mine if you get a chance? Decide And Fallen are my newest. If you could check those out I'd really appreciate it.
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Excellent work. I really liked this piece.
I did think the section stating at bar 89 (I believe) felt really... crowded; hectic. Maybe that's what you wanted, but it's just something I had a problem with while listening to it.

I do want to ask though...
Do you actually play piano? Lessons, etc?
How about guitar lessons?
And I'm seeing a LOT of diversity in your writing, so I'm curious: who are your major influences?
Spiral Out
HumanitysDeath here is the answers to your questions. It was supposed to sound a bit chaotic right before it went into the next part...it didn't come out how i thought..probably thanks to the MIDI. OK here is the answers to your others.

1. I play a little piano...not enough to be considered good but i do play some...i've never had formal lessons for piano, i just decided to learn some to help with some theory and writing, etc.

2. As for the guitar lessons...i took those for about 2 years from but stopped about a year ago due to leaving for college...so now i just read stuff on the net and practice a lot.

3. Ok as for major influences, its a bit diverse...ill just list some of them below:
Iron Maiden
Dream Theater
Blind Guardian
Iced Earth
Led Zeppelin
Sonata Arctica
Children Of Bodom
...as well as other various Jazz artists and classical composers
the piano feels kinda odd. It feels like the left hand is playing the rythm and the left is almost soloing over it. Try listening to Franz liszt for a really good idea of perfect(near) harmonization. Intro flows well into song, only thing i would add some fills to it to mix it up. And the distortion guitar for the melody doesn't work you should get some vocals(not those high pitch epic irond maiden style ones though) And you should vary the intro when you repeat it. Solo has akward transition and should be better phrased. Aside from this this was pretty good. 8/10

PS On a personal remark i do not like the title of your song. You should change that.
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idk if i liek the piano, great riffing tho i love it all. a bit of a metallica vibe, not liek rip off metallica but enuff to sparks an interest. the solo definately needs work, some of it is really good but others are just way off and overall i think its a little long. its a great song pretty much but just needs a little clean up i guess

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Its supposed to be like a piano solo type thing not so much of just a rythym thing...and yeah i thought i might have gotten a litte carried away with the solo, i was watching TV while I was doing it and just ended up adding to it for about an hour...once i realized how long it was i didn't want to go back and take out parts and figure out how to fit the rest together.
That was about the only good thing thats happened to me today, at 9 at night. Thank you for that darksonata.
I loved the piano parts, as usual. The guitar was also great, although at the beginning of ths guitar solo, m 94, the A-grace notes to the B-eigth notes, those fit with it, it doesn't sound right.
The ending where everything is just slow and easy is pretty good, but play around with the guitar more, it doesn't have to be fast but something to hold interest better.
Oh, by the way, have fun trying to put that into some key, lol.
I loved it. I don't know what your intentions were when you wrote this but it sounds like an overture to a movie.

The piano was great, the lead guitar sounded odd but that was because it's mid.

Overall I would say as a soundtrack 10/10. But, for a single-ish song, 8/10 (maybe 9/10 if the lyrics were really good.)
First of all good work this song is very well written and well thought out. The guitars harmonanized very nicely, the solo flowed very nicely, and the lead lines were very good.

The only thing i can really tell you is that you intro with the piano went a little long for me but overall its very good 8.5/10

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